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Sector: Art and social Ongoing Country: Switzerland Project status: Ongoing Partner: MOPS_DanceSyndrome
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome Choreus Numinis Foto: Mario Curti
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome Choreus Numinis Foto: Mario Curti
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome Choreus Numinis Foto: Mario Curti
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome Choreus Numinis Foto: Mario Curti
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome, Sublime SporciX. Foto: Paolo Battaglia
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome, Sparkling Silence. Foto: Vince Cammarata
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome, Formazione Porte Aperte. Foto: MOPS_DanceSyndrome
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome, Formazione. Foto: MOPS_DanceSyndrome
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome, The Call. Foto: Paolo Vandoni


MOPS_DanceSyndrome courses offer young adults with Down syndrome the opportunity to enroll the contemporary dance professional training as well as to join the MOPS_DanceSyndrome Company or other dance companies. These training sessions help them integrating the labor market and eventually starting a career as artists.


  • 10 dancers with Down syndrome, ages 15-35;
  • 8 teachers, participating in the Follow-Up Training on the MOPS_DanceSyndrome Methodology.


In 2019, MOPS_DanceSyndrome will continue to develop its training activities for the benefit of 10 dancers with Down syndrome, ages 15-35. The training sessions, held at the Teatro dei Fauni in Locarno, take place two full days per week, from September to June, and are free of charge. The courses follow a precise methodology, designed by Ela Franscella, based on the acquisition of a better understanding of one’s own body, listening to oneself and the group, the study of anatomy and human physiology. During the same period, the Company will feature 21 shows of Relational Dance (a shortened and readjusted version of its 3 main shows: Sublime SporciX, CCC_Collective Culture Conscientia and Choreus Numinis) outside the official theatre circuits, as for instance in nursing homes, clinics, institutes, a prison, with the aim of reaching a more heterogenous audience and therefore launch new ways to improve the cultural and social awareness. In parallel, a dancer of the Company will lead some courses on motor and dance warm-up exercises, 45 minutes each, in the schools of Locarno.


MOPS_DanceSyndrome Association

MOPS_DanceSyndrome is a Contemporary Dance School and Company for young adults with Down syndrome, created in 2008 in Locarno by the choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Ela Franscella. Unique in Switzerland and in Europe, the project is in full expansion and is based on a precise choreographic methodology that highlights the talents, sensitivity, expressiveness and creativity of the dancers.


In 2018, MOPS_DanceSyndrome participated in several artistic, social and cultural sensitization events including, amongst others, the International Conference #WhatIBringtoMyCommunity  organized by the Human Rights Office of the United Nations in Geneva, on the occasion of the World Day of Down Syndrome (March, 21st, 2018). Furthermore, in August 2018, the Company was awarded with the Premio Pro Ticino Award 2018, for its unique engagement, protection and valorization of individuals in all their diversity.


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