Sector: Archive Art and social Country: Zambia Project status: Archive Partner: Barefeet Theatre


Using theatre as a powerful tool to give voice and a means of expression to marginalized children and youth of Zambia; sensitizing the community to the importance of education for vulnerable children; promoting the breakdown of the social stigma associated with street children, the disabled and HIV affected people.


  • 390 vulnerable children and youths, living in marginalized communities in Lusaka and 2 other districts (Kitwe and Kabwe) participating to workshops and performances;
  • 445 street children;
  • The public of the Barefeet Youth Art Festival.


Barefeet Theatre uses a multi-dimensional approach based on various artistic expressions (theatre, music and dance), psycho-social support, creativity and self-expression (through the “Participatory Process Performance” method) in order to tackle themes or subjects of interest to the young participants, thus sharing their concerns and responding in this way to the needs of vulnerable children living in marginal communities of 2 districts of Zambia (Kitwe and Kabwe). In 2018, the project supported by AMI in co-partnership with AMG, foresaw artistic workshops in shelters for 445 street children located in marginalized communities as well as for 390 vulnerable children and youths, culminating in the production of a performance presented in their respective communities (in public spaces such as markets and squares) and at the Barefeet Youth Art Festival 2018 in Lusaka. The project also foresaw the realization of street activities, visits and dialogues with street children, identifying their problems and possible solutions (such as reinsertion in families or hosting in rehabilitation centers). During the Barefeet Youth Art Festival 2018, all groups that work with Barefeet presented their performance, which has been prepared during the workshops. This was a unique opportunity for the children to perform for a larger public at the national level along with international artists from around the world, providing them with inspiration from positive role models and the shared enthusiasm for performance.


Barefeet Theatre: organization was founded in 2006 by ex-street children to respond to the difficulties faced by young people living in the streets of Zambia. Through the use of theatre, games and creativity, vulnerable children in Zambia are given the chance for a better life.