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Sector: Art and Development Ongoing Country: Italy, Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina Project status: Ongoing Partner: Musicians without Borders
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    Landesmusikakademie NRW
    Volker Beushausen


The project that Musicians without Borders is developing, with the support of Alta Mane, intends to design and modelize a new training program (Welcome Notes Europe) aimed at introducing and applying the power of music in refugees’ camps and asylum centers in Europe.

Specifically, the new training program Welcome Notes Europe intends to:

  • Support and help unaccompanied minors starting a post-traumatic resilience process;
  • Transcend cultural and language barriers;
  • Facilitate their social inclusion among the local communities in which they are now located.


Direct beneficiaries

  • 8 Community Music Trainers implementing the Welcome Notes Europe program among the different refugees’ camps in Europe;
  • 18 teachers of El Sistema Greece participating to a “Taster Training”;
  • 60 teachers, musicians and Workshop Leaders followed the Welcome Notes Follow-up trainings.

Indirect beneficiaries

  • 211 minors and adults located in the refugees ‘camps in Italy (Crotone) and Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki).


In 2018, with Alta Mane support, Musicians without Borders (MwB) in collaboration with different partner organizations, operating on the field and working with refugee children and youth in Europe, has started to design the new training program Welcome Notes Europe to facilitate the social inclusion of unaccompanied minors located in different refugees’ camps in Europe (Italy, Germany, Nord-West Balkans and Greece). The project consisting of two complementary phases, the phase of modelization and the phase of implementation, aims to transfer the program to young local musicians, to implement and integrate it locally into the partner organizations humanitarian programs. To this purpose, between January and September 2018, MwB restructured to a full length program the Welcome Notes Europe Training adapting its contents to the need of unaccompanied minors and Asylum Seeking Children (UASC); developed 3 new urban music modules, the first “Rap/Spoken Word”, exploring the power of rap music to communicate with unaccompanied minor refugees; the second “Creative Music Making and Using your Phone as a Creative Tool” investigating opportunities of composing music through the use of a mobile app; the third “Trauma & Music” to respond professionally when confronted with people who have experienced trauma and show how music can potentially be used as a tool to alleviate trauma; and finally identified and formed 8 new (Assistant Trainers) to implement the Welcome Notes Europe in refugees camps and shelter centers throughout Europe. At the same time, MwB conducted 4 Assessment Field Visits to: SOS Children’s Villages (Italia) with which they are in process of setting up a Memorandum of Understanding to implement music activities in the different programs of psychosocial support and Life Skills in Sicily; El Sistema Greece, during the visit MwB organized a “taster” training at Kipseli Community Center in Athens, reaching 18 teachers, as well as facilitated music activities with El Sistema Greece Youth Orchestra, reaching 100 participants; Music Soul Action (Thessaloniki), during the visit MwB supported music workshops with approximately 30 participants (children and women) in the Diavata Refugee Camp; and Save the Children North West Balkans, visit that led to launch a joint pilot program intended to train a group of Workshop Leaders who will facilitate weekly music activities to unaccompanied minors located at the Child-and-Youth Friendly Spaces and Drop-Centers in Bihać, in the Canton of Una Sana. At the same time, MwB organized different Welcome Notes Follow-up Trainings in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Scotland, reaching 60 musicians, teachers and workshop leaders.


Musicians without Borders

Established in 1999, MwB works worldwide using music as a tool to improve living conditions and reconcile populations torn apart by war. MwB collaborates with musicians belonging to civil society organization to respond to local needs. Successful cases are used to standardize and promote models, methodologies and training courses adapted to the needs of other regions. Founded by Laura Hassler, MwB is currently recognized as a global pioneer in applying the power of music to treat post-traumatic stress disorders and to heal the wounds of war. MwB works to achieve its goals through three core areas of operation: long-term music programs in regions affected by war and armed conflict; training; advocacy and network building.







SOS Children’s Villages Athens – MwB Rap Workshop 2018

Rap Workshops with SOS Children’s Villages Italy (Crotone), “My Life”: