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Sector: Art and Development Ongoing Country: Iraq and Egypt Project status: Ongoing Partner: Fondation Terre des hommes
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The project “You Create” that Fondation Terre des hommes develops in Iraq and Egypt (2017-2019), also with the support of Alta Mane, intends to design and implement a new methodology, based on child & youth led artistic activities, to support their psychosocial well-being and protection in migration and adversity settings.

Specifically, this new psychosocial methodology intends to: 

  • Help children and youth in migration and adversity settings to express emotions around the stress and trauma experienced and empower their ability to cope with it and to be resilient;
  • Prevent more serious psychological distress to develop and support their psychosocial well-being and social inclusion;
  • Use art, in all its different shapes, as a well-being tool and an agent for individual and social change.


Between November 2017 and June 2019, Fondation Terre des hommes in collaboration with the International Institute for Child Rights & Development, has launched the innovative project “You Create” grounded on two complementary phases: a Global Level Phase (research, development, monitoring and capitalization of lessons learned); a Country Level Phase (implementation and replication).

Global Level Phase

At this stage, between November 2017 and June 2019, Fondation Terre des hommes, has:

  • Finalized the new methodology “You Create” for humanitarian contexts and migration settings;
  • Designed contents (video shooting, narration scripts and storyboards) for the 6 e-modules to allow professionals world-wide to implement the methodology in their respective projects;
  • Featured the special section “Empowering Children and Youth through Art” on the online platform Childhub to disseminate the methodology among different stakeholders (NGOs, CBOs, governmental institutions and child protection specialists) and provide them Guidelines and Best Practices to develop and implement youth-led arts-based activities;
  • Organized a Capitalization Global Training (Cairo, June 16-20, 2019) for 21 Tdh professionals from 12 different delegations in the MENA, Asia and Eastern Europe zones and intended to train the participants to implement the methodology in the diverse child protection programs developed in their respective countries.

Country Level

At this level, Terre des hommes intends to transfer the methodology to young local professionals, test and replicate it over the Community Based Organizations (CBO). To reach this goal, between November 2017 and April 2019, Terre des hommes has:

  • Completed the two phases of the Participatory Action Research Training in Egypt and Iraq. During the training, a total of 10 trainers (5 in Egypt and 5 in Iraq), 145 young leaders (79 in Egypt and 66 in Iraq) aged 15-25, and 44 adult allies (27 in Iraq and 17 in Egypt, from Terre des hommes staff and several CBOs professionals between the ages of 20-30) were trained and, on their turn, developed 27 artistic activities, oriented by the Art Kit, reaching a total of 952 youths (252 in Iraq and 700 in Egypt);
  • Started forging partnerships with 5 CBO’s, 3 in Egypt and 2 in Iraq, to locally implement the new methodology in their own arts-based programming intended to children and youth in emergency context in Iraq (with Internal Displaced People, IDP) and long-term displaced context in Egypt.


Effective direct beneficiaries between November 2017-June 2019

  • 66 young leaders (15-25 ages) and 5 trainers from IDP Camps in Kirkuk Governorate (Iraq);
  • 79 young leaders and 5 trainers from refugees, migrants and vulnerable Egyptian communities;
  • 44 (27 in Iraq and 17 in Egypt) local professionals to improve their skills to work with children and youth affected by migrations and to act as focal points in the replication of the art-related methodology;
  • 952 youth (700 in Egypt and 252 in Iraq) participating to the artistic activities;
  • 21 Tdh professionals from 12 different delegations in the MENA, Asia and Eastern Europe zones participating to the Capitalization Global Training.

Potential indirect beneficiaries estimated during the years of the project (2017-2019)

  • Hundreds of thousands of young people in migration and adversity settings, and their family, accommodated in the areas of intervention of Terre des hommes Foundation and peer organizations.


Foundation Terre des hommes, based in Lausanne, was established in 1960 and it is today the leading Swiss child relief agency, improving the lives of millions of the world’s most vulnerable children. Every year, the Foundation helps more than 3 million of children and their families in 30 countries, running health, emergency response, and education and child protection programs.