Sector: Archive Art and social Country: Switzerland Project status: Archive Partner: Mission Bambini Foundation Switzerland


The project aims to:

  • Launch an innovative educational experience, unique in Switzerland, allowing students with learning difficulties and disability to express their creativity and develop their abilities through robotics, coding and informatics, therefore reducing the big gap with “ordinary” students;
  • Increase the social inclusion of students with learning difficulties, more or less severe, and young migrants.


  • 75 students, out of which 56 from the Scuola Elementare di Roveredo, and 19 with learning difficulties and disabilities from the Centro per l’educazione speciale Giuvaulta.


Between October and December 2018, the Permanent Center for Educational Robotics and MINT foresaw different activities of creative robotics and coding intended to 75 students, of which 19 with learning difficulties and disabilities, enrolled in the Centro per l’educazione speciale Giuvaulta, intended to increase and strengthen their cognitive and visus-perceptive abilities. The ongoing activities, adapted to the specific didactic needs of the students and led by two teachers and one assistant, foresaw:

  • 1 Lab of creative robotics;
  • 1 Lab of chemistry, physics and astronomy, as well as of advanced robotics;
  • 1 Lab of informatics and math;
  • Set-up of 3 teams (10 students’ each) to enter in the International Competition First Lego League.


Mission Bambini Foundation Switzerland was created in 2015 in Lugano by Mission Bambini Italy. The aim of the Foundation is to give support to children who are impoverished, sick or without education and those who have undergone moral and physical abuse, giving them the opportunity and hope for a better life. Its objectives, in line with the Millennium Development Goals of UN are: to reduce mortality, to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, as well as to increase access to education.