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Sector: Art and Development Ongoing Country: Switzerland Project status: Ongoing Partner: Save the Children
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The Creative Tool Kit and Activity Box is a key element to support the wellbeing of refugee and migrant children and youth located in collective shelters in Switzerland and to foster their resilience by means of creative activities.

The project aims to:

  • Expand and replicate the use of arts-based best practices with refugee children and youth in collective shelters
  • Train shelter operator staff to implement a structured artistic program with children and youth and guarantee its long-term sustainability
  • Increase the number of refugee children and youth who enjoy the benefits of the Creative Tool Kit and Activity Box and are supported in their social, emotional, cognitive and motor development
  • Sensitize the government agencies to the need, urgency and benefit of quality care for children in shelters for asylum seekers and urge them to take action to keep high child-protection standards and expand them to further shelters.


  • Thousands of accompanied and unaccompanied refugee children and youth living in collective shelters for asylum seekers in Switzerland;
  • 40 Shelter Staff in at least 4 collective shelters.


In 2018, Save the Children Switzerland, with Alta Mane’s support, developed the “Creative Tool Kit and Activity Box” and more specifically selected Best Practices of creative and pedagogic activities, arts-based, which had previously been tested in the framework of the pilot project Child-and-Youth Friendly Spaces led in the Federal Reception Center in Bern. At the same time, a catalogue of activities on the use of the Creative Tool Kit and Activity Box was developed and a mobile prototype of the Box was assembled for training and replication purposes. In 2019, the organization foresees to replicate the Creative Tool Kit and Activity Box and expand its use to further shelters as well as to sensitize the government agencies on the urgency to provide high child-protection standards to vulnerable minors in collective shelters for asylum seekers. To reach these goals, between January and June 2019, it trained 16 shelter directors and co-directors of 12 Federal Reception Shelters run by ORS as well as presented the mobile prototype of the Creative Tool Kit and Activity Box to 31 Shelter Staff of 15 Swiss Federal and Cantonal Shelters run by AOZ and ORS. In parallel, it conducted several advocacy activities on the cantonal level with SODK (Conference of Cantonal Social Services Directors) and participated to different meetings with 2 networks operating in favor of the protection of the rights of migrant and refugee children (ADEM, Alliance pour les Droits des Enfants Migrants) and the promotion of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Children (Child Rights Network Switzerland, of which STC is a member).


Save the Children’s ambition is to assure that every child – especially the most deprived – is protected, provided with a good quality basic education and receives health services so that they can optimally unfold their potential. The child rights organization has been having a positive impact on the livelihoods of children around the world since 1919. In Switzerland the organization has been active since 2006.


Fondation Alta Mane already supported, between June and August 2018, the pilot project Child-and-Youth Friendly Spaces, implemented by Save the Children, in the Federal Reception Center in Bern. For more information, please click on the following link.