Art and Development


Sector: Art and Development Ongoing Country: Turkey Project status: Ongoing Partner: Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV)
Project type: AMG Project Year: 2019
Locations: Bayburt and Samsun
Activities: Pottery, sculpture, plastic art, graphic design, art history and traditional art.


TEGV Foundation was established in 1995, in Turkey, to compensate for the shortcomings of the Turkish school system by implementing educational programs and by offering extra curricular activities (artistic and traditional) to primary and middle school kids, residing in disadvantaged or remote areas, and during emergencies. TEGV uses art education as a tool for empowering pupils, encouraging their creativity and promoting their communication and collaborative skills and critical thinking.


  • 1’500 children (6-14), from Bayburt and Samsun, who will participate to the art-education workshops delivered by the Firefly Mobile Unit;
  • 240 children (6-14) who will participate to the art-education workshops, part of the educational program The Dreams Workshop;
  • 30 volunteers, who will be trained to teach the two art-education programs;
  • 20 volunteers, who will take part in the Summer Camp in Bayburt.


The “Art Education Expansion Project” is part of a three-year strategic, methodological and educational plan (2019-2021) designed by TEGV to ensure sustainability to both educational programs (The Dreams Wanderer and The Dreams Workshop) and to replicate them nationwide so as to make art education a key component of the Turkish School System and to develop innovative and interdisciplinary educational models. In 2019, TEGV foresees to develop the following activities:

  • 2 art-education workshops delivered by the Firefly Mobile Unit in Bayburt and Samsun;
  • 1 art-education workshop in the 49 fixed units established on national territory;
  • Training of 30 volunteers;
  • 5 days Empowerment Training intended to 20 volunteers, which will take place at the Baksi Museum in Bayburt;
  • Design of new contents of the second art-education module (STEAM Approach) and implementation in 5 fixed units;
  • Design and Development of the new M&E Tools and methodology to capture the impact and the lessons learnt of the two art-education programs.


Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) was established in 1995, in Turkey, to help compensate for the shortcomings of the Turkish school system in the belief that the country’s problems could only be solved by tackling education first. TEGV is recognized at all levels of the Turkish society for its neutrality and commitment to education, even during emergencies. TEGV staff and qualified volunteers operate from numerous fixed and mobile stations in disadvantaged areas of the country.


Alta Mane cooperates with TEGV since 2015. In 2016-2018, the Foundation supported the Firefly Mobile Unit, whose different art-education activities reached 3’586 children, aged 6-14, coming from Artvin-Arhavi, Adana and Mersİn, Çorlu and Van, as well the training of 34 volunteers. In 2015, Alta Mane supported The Dreams Workshop in 43 fixed locations and 9 cities of Turkey, for the benefit of 9’442 children, and the training of 516 volunteers. For more information, please click on the following link.