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  • ©NOSES - Samos 2019
  • ©NOSES - Samos 2019
  • ©NOSES - Samos 2019


The mission to the Vathy Camp on Samos Island (Greece) – the first Hotspot in Europe established by the EU in 2016 following the agreement with Turkey – led by RNI after an urgent request from MSF Greece (already partner of RNI during the last mission in Lesbos) was intended to help MSF with the massive vaccination campaign, held between March 15-17, 2019, for the benefit of  more than 600 minors, migrants and refugees, located in the camp. The presence of RNI on the field, that was of paramount importance to help MSF get vaccinated more than 1’000 children in Lesbos, aimed to assist children all along the vaccination process, from the waiting/registration area up to the observation period (an obligatory 15 minutes observation period, in case they had had any negative reactions to the vaccines, as for instance, anaphylactic shocks).

The mission aimed to:

  • Reduce the psychological stress, fears and anxiety of the children, bringing them a sense of lightness, playfulness and optimism;
  • Transfer the Skills of Healthcare Clowning to the local Staff members of MSF in order to increase their psychosocial wellbeing, help them reduce the stress they experience in their everyday professional lives and step out, even though for a short period, from the harsh realities they face in the camp.


  • 630 minors, migrants and refugees, getting vaccinated during the campaign led in the Vathy Camp in Samos;
  • 7 Staff members of MSF Greece, participating to the Humour Workshop.


The Emergency Smile Mission, held between March 11-18, 2019, also with Alta Mane support, foresaw the following activities:

  • Pre-Mission Training in Vienna to get the 3 RNI’s clown-doctors and 1 Artistic Project Leader /Head of Mission prepared for the mission on the field through the Intensive Smile Approach, a format designed by RNI and tailor-made to specifically assist the medical personal in their procedures and therefore adapted to the medical protocols;
  • Different Healthcare Clowning interventions organized during all the vaccination process (from registration, to vaccination and up to the observation period);
  • One Humour Workshop (2 hours) intended to the local Staff of MSF (nurses, administration and logistics) during which they acquired on how to use Humour in their daily work to take care of children and adults, victims of violent psychophysical traumas;
  • Post-Mission Debriefing in Vienna during which the clown-doctors processed and reflected on lived experiences, discussed about critical issues detected during the mission, assessed the artistic interventions and shared the Lessons Learnt with the Emergency Smile Project Leader.


RED NOSES Clowndoctors International (RNI) is a Non-Profit Charity Organization, functioning as the umbrella organization for one of the largest clown doctor groups in the world. With over 20 years of experience, RNI brings together artistic and scientific expertise in the interface between the performing arts, healthcare and development. RNI is active in 790 medical and social facilities in 10 countries: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Palestine and Lithuania.


Alta Mane already collaborated with RNI in 2018 awarding the Participation Scholarships Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2018 (Please click on the following link for further information) as well as supporting two “Emergency Smile Missions”, the first in Eastern part of Ukraine, and the second one to Lesbos (Moira Camp/Olive Grove and Kara Tepe Camp). 


RED NOSES Clowndoctors International: Together for Children’s Health;

Facebook: Emergency Smile Mission in Vathy Camp, Samos (Greece)