Documentation and detailed analysis

Should the preliminary review be positive, the following documentation will be requested to enable a more detailed analysis of the proposal:

Institutional documents

  • Statutes and Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of registration in public registries and any accreditation
  • Annual activity report and financial statements for the last two years
  • Certificate of tax exemption (where applicable)

Project documents

  • Analytical description of the project: sector and sphere of activities (social, health or awareness), geographical location, description of the disadvantaged socio-economic or health context of the beneficiaries, duration, type of artistic activities and methodology, time line and work plan, general and specific objectives, and expected results.
  • Progress of the project (if already underway) or similar activities undertaken by the candidate (if pertinent), with photographic-video material of the activities, if available.
  • Estimated project budget indicating the amount being requested of Alta Mane and potential co-sponsors, public or private, along with their letter of intent.
  • Curricula of the project collaborators and supervisors.
  • Monitoring and evaluation plan (optional).
  • Potential prospects for future self-sustainability of the project and its replication (optional).

Final evaluation may include further requests for clarification and possible visits to project sites.

Should the proposal be approved, an agreement will be undersigned with the Partner stipulating all the aspects of the partnership with the Foundation. Should the proposal be rejected, it will be communicated in writing to the candidate.