During 2017 the Foundation, grounding on 12 years of activity that allowed to develop a vision and an approach, today identified in the panorama of the “Strategic Philanthropy”, began a significant internal reflection process (still under way) tended to elaborate new conceptual perspectives, to adopt new modalities of intervention as well as to prioritize geographical areas of action in order to respond to new current crisis and emergency situations affecting many children and young people, today protagonists and victims of historical challenges.

The result of this deep strategic renewal process, also dictated by the transformation of the whole philanthropy field, both at the national and the international level, and on the other hand, by the physiological evolution of Alta Mane, was the brand-new support to four different projects with “larger bottom-line impact” that led to identify a new sector of priority intervention: “Art and Development”.

The inception of this new strategic sector of intervention, intended to embrace a more efficient and “horizontal” philanthropy approach, aims at supporting integrated projects resulting on the medium and long-term into:

  • a systemic and possibly measurable impact;
  • the development and the dissemination of Best Practices;
  • the increase of potential targeted beneficiaries, living in in conditions of extreme social marginalization and in extreme psychological and physical distress;
  • the creation of synergic and complementary networks amongst the organizations.

To this purpose, in 2017, the Foundation has renewed and strengthened its support to important international organizations, such as Save the Children Italia Onlus and Save the Children Schweiz to initiate the Phase III of the HEART Program (Healing and Education Through the Arts) in Bosnia-Herzegovina; and to the association LAD Onlus to complete the first module of the multifunctional structure WonderLAD in Catania (Italy).

In parallel, the Foundation has started new collaborations with two internationally recognized organizations, such as Fondation Terre des hommes (Lausanne) to launch the project “You Create” in Egypt and Iraq; and RED NOSES Clowndoctors International, by awarding scholarships to 17 artists and managers of Healthcare Clowning Organizations with limited financial resources and established in emerging countries and/or facing difficult humanitarian emergency situations, to attend the Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2018, held in Vienna, on April 4-6, 2018.