Juventus Lyrica, Argentina

During 2017  Alta Mane continued to support some of the Foundations’ long-standing Partners. Among others, in Switzerland: Fondation Art-Thérapie, Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil (FAAI), Eirene Suisse, IMBEWU Suisse and MOPS_DanceSyndrome; Juventus Lyrica in Argentina, Musicians without Borders in Rwanda; Canto, Color y Fábula and Pensarme, la fundación in Colombia, and TEGV in Turkey.

In Switzerland, the Foundation reiterated its support to the Festival d’Arts Intégrés “Orme”, in Lugano, and the 2017 edition of the Biennale d’Arts Inclusifs Out of the Box, in Geneva. Within the context of this event, Alta Mane also supported the association Artumana featuring two performances of integrated dance, Ailes (Silvia Ortega) and Shivers (Uma Arnese).

Furthermore, the Foundation started new collaborations with other organizations working in favour of youths living in conditions of extreme social marginalization and developing artistic initiatives, such as: Cape Town Opera (South Africa), COOPI Suisse (Lugano), Epic Arts (Cambodia) and TECHO (Uruguay).

In brief, 21 projects received direct donations from the Foundation, out of which 10 Partners were based in Switzerland (Geneva, Locarno, Lugano, Neuchâtel, Ticino, Vaud and Zürich Cantons), and 11 abroad (Argentina, Austria, Cambodia, Colombia, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom and Uruguay).

The graphs  show the geographical distribution, sector (art and social, art and health, art and awareness art and development), and type of support (co-partnerships or donations) disbursed by the Foundation in 2017.


During 2017, Fondation Alta Mane supported new projects, both in Switzerland and overseas, and consolidated its relations with Fondazione Alta Mane Italia (AMI), the Institutional Project of the foundation, through successful co-partnership agreements.

In relation thereto, reminder is given that these are three-way contracts between Fondation Alta Mane, AMI and the beneficiaries (Partners), according to which:

  • Alta Mane Italia supports the Partners during the start-up/implementation of their projects throughout varied and complex social or hospital conditions, monitoring and assessing the sustained activities and liaising with Partners;
  • Fondation Alta Mane supports the aforementioned beneficiaries through donations preceded by the usual verifications.

The sector of intervention remains the use of art in situations of extreme social marginalisation and hospitalisation of young people due to serious pathologies.

Vientos culturales, Mexico

Through the co-partnerships, in 2017, Alta Mane continued to support some of the Foundations’ long-standing Partners, such as among others, Barefeet Theatre (Zambia), Cre-Arte and Ecunhi (Argentina), Dynamo Camp (Italy), Fekat Circus (Ethiopia) and Phare Ponleu Selpak (Cambodia).

In brief, in 2017, the Foundation supported 14 projects in co-partnership with AMI, three of which bases in Argentina, as many in Cambodia, two based in Ethiopia and the reminder in Colombia, Guatemala, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, Nicaragua and Zambia.