General principles

  • The funds provided by the Foundation must be used exclusively as agreed.
  • Any modification of the project with respect to the original proposal, including the involvement of other, co-financing partners, must be communicated in good time to the Alta Mane Foundation which, should said modifications be significant in terms of the nature of the project, its goals or beneficiaries, reserves the right to confirm, or not, its participation in the project.
  • Entities benefiting from Alta Mane Foundation support must include the Foundation Alta Mane name and logo in all promotional material of the project/initiative being supported, including on the Web via links. They must also send adequate illustrative documentation (photos, videos, etc.) concerning the event/project/initiative funded.
  • The Alta Mane Foundation may publish the name and logo of the beneficiaries, as well as images and sound related to the projects funded, in its own informational material, including on the Web, only for the purposes of documentation.
  • The beneficiaries of Alta Mane Foundation support must periodically provide to the Foundation informational updates and a final report, as well as adequate financial accounts concerning the use of the funds provided.
  • The provision of support/donation on the part of the Alta Mane Foundation does not oblige the latter to any such support in the future nor confer upon the beneficiary any rights and/or expectations in this regard.
  • The law applicable will be exclusively that of Switzerland, and the Court that of Geneva.