The project in summary

Modelization and implementation of the integrated program “Music in the HEART”.

The project in detail

Introduce and use the power of music in refugee camps and asylum centers to allow minors, accompanied and unaccompanied, to start a post-traumatic resilience process, transcend cultural and language barriers and facilitate their integration among the local communities in which they are now located.

  • 5 Trainers trained in Save the Children’s HEART methodology;
  • 4 Trainees trained in Musicians Without Borders’ Welcome Notes Training;
  • 100 teachers/educators/social workers from elementary schools (Una-Sana) and Drop-in Centers (Tuzla/Sarajevo) trained to implement the “Music in the HEART” program;
  • 16/18 musicians, teachers and psychologists trained to join the music workshops developed by the mobile music unit “Music Bus 2”;
  • Several hundred minors on the move (6-12 ages) and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (13-18 ages) living in the reception centers in the Canton of Una-Sana; Street Children and vulnerable children (aged 12 and older) in the Cantons of Una-Sana, Tuzla and the Sarajevo region; and Bosnian pupils (6-12 ages).

In 2018-2019, Musicians Without Borders (MWB), also with Alta Mane support, has designed and implemented the new curriculum Welcome Notes Europe, starting to transfer it to young musicians and local teachers (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Greece and Italy), and has consolidated important partnerships with organizations operating on the ground with the aim of integrating the Curriculum into their various migration emergency programs. In 2021, MWB intends to primary focus its intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina by consolidating, on the one hand, the collaboration with Save the Children North West Balkans (StC NWB) through the modelization of the innovative integrated program “Music in the HEART” aimed at strengthening the current pedagogical-educational programs (HEART) as well as the psychosocial support programs (MHPSS) developed by StC NWB, and on the other hand, by activating a mobile music unit “Music Bus 2” for the organization of 104 music workshops in the Cantons of Una-Sana and Tuzla and in the Sarajevo region, for approximately 1’000 minors on the move and/or Street Children, and Bosnian pupils.