Fondation Alta Mane founded Fondazione Alta Mane Italia (AMI) in 2010 as its institutional project, aimed at improving and extending the efficacy of the philanthropic initiatives connected to art education for socially marginalized youths, and art therapy in health care.

BEL AVENIR, Tulear (Madagascar), Progetto in co-partnership AMG-AMI

AMI’s  statutory goal is to support projects “aimed at improving the living or health condition of people, individuals or groups, as well as youth, undergoing a profound crisis, extreme social difficulty or psychosocial suffering, by supporting their development and social, physical, recreational, emotional and psychological well-being, particularly through experiences and initiatives tied to Art and its applications in the social and medical field” (article 2.1 of AMI Statutes). 

Following recognition from the Prefecture of Rome, AMI began operations in 2011 and quickly extended its reach, connecting with numerous non-profit associations working in this sector, coordinating various exchange projects among its Partners, both in Italy and abroad, and overseeing all activities related to the management, monitoring and follow-up of projects undertaken in co-partnership with the Foundation.

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