Design and replicability of new arts-based methodologies in emergency and migration settings

In line with the new strategic priorities of Alta Mane tended to increase the dissemination of Best Practices as well as to create, on the medium and long-term, a systemic and possibly measurable impact and to increase the potential targeted beneficiaries in migration settings, in 2019 the Foundation consolidated its support to important international organizations operating in humanitarian emergency contexts such as to:

Programma HEART in Bosnia-Erzegovina – Fase III

Save the Children Italia Onlus - Save the Children Schweiz

Implementazione del metodo HEART nel Cantone di Una-Sana e avvio verso la autosostenibilità in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Supporting Refugee and Migrant Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Save the Children

Avvio di dispositivi di accoglienza, di integrazione scolastico-sociale, di accompagnamento psicosociale e di protezione rivolti ai bambini, migranti e rifugiati, in Bosnia-Erzegovina.

Strategic Renewals and Integrated Projects

To develop the Welcome Notes Europe, the new Training Curriculum which, through the power of music, aims to support and help unaccompanied minors starting a post-traumatic resilience process.

Welcome Notes Europe 2019

Musicians Without Borders

Implementation and spread of the new Training Curriculum “Welcome Notes Europe”.

Emergency Smile Missions 2019-2020

Red Noses International

Artistic activities and Healthcare Clowning interventions in East Ukraine for children with physical and mental disabilities and IDPs, and in Lesbos (Greece) for refugee and migrant minors.