Sharing the conviction, expressed in UNESCO’s Road Map for Arts Education (2006), that all youths have the right to grow in dignified conditions and fully develop their potential, the Foundation identified Art, in all its forms (music, dance, theatre, poetry, mime, sculpture, painting and clowning, among others), as its specific, priority area of intervention and built a strategic vision centered on the philanthropic support of youths living in extreme social and health disadvantage.

This choice was also made after observing that culture and the arts, particularly in critical conditions, do not receive sufficient acknowledgement and support by public and private entities despite the recommendations comprised in the 2006 UNESCO’s Road Map for Arts Education.

To achieve this goal, Alta Mane has been identifying 4 main priority sectors of intervention, namely:  Art and Social, Art and Health, Art and Awareness, and since 2017 Art and Development.

This approach materializes in a variety of initiatives and activities, such as: