The project in summary

Design of the methodology “You Create” and implementation in migratory and emergency settings in Iraq and in Egypt.


The project in detail

The “You Create” project that Fondation Terre des hommes has developed in Egypt and in Iraq (2017-2020) was aimed to design and implement a new methodology, based on art, to offer psychosocial support to children and youth who have suffered trauma, abuse and violence during their various journeys of migration, displacement and social exclusion.

In 2017-2019, with the support of Alta Mane, Fondation Terre des hommes in collaboration with the International Institute for Child Rights & Development, designed the “You Create” methodology and successfully implemented it, in pilot mode, in Iraq (Kirkuk Governorate) and Egypt (vulnerable and at-risk communities, in urban areas of Egypt), training 144 Youth Leaders and 44 Adult Allies who carried out 28 arts projects, reaching a total of 952 young peers (252 in Iraq and 700 in Egypt). In parallel, the methodology has been translated into French and Arabic, published and disseminated on the Childhub platform, and accompanied by the development of 6 e-modules aimed at training child protection professionals and disseminating Best Practices, inside and outside the Tdh network. Based on the excellent results obtained during the pilot phase (2017-2019), from January-March 2020, Alta Mane supported the adaptation of “You Create” to the educational-school context in Egypt, also aimed at institutionalizing the methodology in the national school curricula in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MoE), achieving very good results, in terms of training (40 young Leaders, ages 10-14, and 52 Adult Allies trained in the use and implementation of You Create), awareness raising and dissemination until March 2020 when, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all artistic activities initially foreseen in 20 public secondary schools in Cairo, have been suspended indefinitely.  

Effective direct beneficiaries during the years of the project (2017-2020)

  • 66 young Leaders (15-25 ages) and 6 trainers from IDP Camps in Kirkuk Governorate (Iraq);
  • 78 young Leaders (15-25 ages) and 6 trainers from refugees, migrants and vulnerable Egyptian communities;
  • 40 young Leaders (10-14 ages), 20 public secondary schools pupils in Cairo;
  • 44 (27 in Iraq and 17 in Egypt, ages 20-30) local professionals to improve their skills to work with children and youth affected by migrations and to act as focal points in the replication of the art-related methodology;
  • 52 Adult Allies (El Cairo, Egypt) including 24 local Tdh operators, 20 art teachers and 8 officials from the Egyptian Ministry of Education, trained in the use of the “You Create” methodology;
  • 952 youth (700 in Egypt and 252 in Iraq) participating to the artistic activities;
  • 21 Tdh professionals from 12 different delegations in the MENA, Asia and Eastern Europe zones participating to the Capitalization Global Training.