The project in summary

Modelization of a Toolbox of Creative Evaluation Activities for Children.

The project in detail

In 2023 RED NOSES Clowndoctors International (RNI) intends to modelize a Toolbox of Creative Evaluation Activities for Children to capture the impact of Healthcare Clowning activities on children. The project aims to: 

  • create a set of artistic-creative activities, tailored to the ages of minors and youth in migratory contexts, to be implemented during Emergency Smile missions and intended for children participating in different Healthcare Clowning activities;
  • involve minors in impact evaluation activities to allow them to express their ideas, feelings and sensations experienced during the Healthcare Clowning activities;
  • allow them to “digest” the clown experience, that is, let them process their emotions and feelings, express themselves and be heard in a safe and secure place, as well as involve them in creating long-term happy memories about their lived experience with the Clowndoctors.

Indirect beneficiaries

  • Approximately 4’500 minors and youth on the move (aged 6-18);
  • Approximately 3’234 people involved in field missions (clowndoctors, Aid-workers, volunteers, teachers, translators, Community Multipliers).

The modelization of the Toolbox of Creative Evaluation Activities for Children, also with Alta Mane support, foresees the following activities:  

  • creation of a Working Group of 9 experts with different academic backgrounds and experiences in humanitarian crisis/migration emergency contexts (academic researchers, Clowndoctors, Head of Mission, Project Manager, Safeguarding Officer);
  • organization of two workshops (March 9-10, 2023) with the Working Group at the International School of Humour of RNI (Vienna) to identify and design different evaluation activities to be implemented, in pilot mode, during the Emergency Smile Missions planned for 2023;
  • organization of a final Working Group meeting (September 2023) to evaluate the Toolbox and, following its implementation on the field during the Emergency Smile Missions, to adapt it accordingly if needed.