The project in summary

Sharing, promotion and dissemination of Expertise, Lessons Learnt and Best Practices based on arts as a tool for social inclusion.

The project in detail

To promote and advocate the role of arts for the social inclusion of people on the move, internationally and globally. Specifically, the project aims to:

  • reinforce the Social Advocacy & Awareness Raising activities of the art27 Network, improving the quality, impact, knowledge and resources, and broaden their reach, inside and outside the Network;
  • create spaces for dialogue and action, and to share creative expressions between artists with and without lived experiences of forced migration, to raise the voices of those excluded from the one-dimensional and mainstream narrative on migration;
  • create new connections between arts organizations, educators, musicians and artists (with or without a migratory background) with synergic and complementary expertise.

Direct beneficiaries

  • 16 arts organizations and 5 members of the art27 Network have been engaged in the creation and implementation of different outreach activities, and diverse musical and cultural events;
  • 9 artists, including 6 with lived refugee experiences (Refugee Artists).

Indirect beneficiaries

  • 534 individuals, including 64 members from art27 Network, participated in the several Advocacy activities and events organized by art27 members;
  • 806 people participated to 13 ReSounding Podcasts.

In 2022, also with the support of Alta Mane, the following activities have been implemented:  

  1. Connect & Network
  • organization of 5 online events focused on the intersectional causes, challenges and potentials of migration which have reached 534 individuals, including 64 members of the art27 Network;
  • creation and distribution of 15 Newsletters which have reached 395 individuals of the art27 Network.
  1. Share & Promote
  • process and feed the interactive contents of the art27 platform and promote the artistic works of partners in the network through the main Social Media which have reached 63’000 individuals;
  • identification and affiliation of 28 new arts organizations and 95 new individual members.
  1. Advocate & Influence
  • selection, identification and presentation of 4 artistic proposals, from 9 artists, including 6 with a migratory background which have reached 36 individuals;
  • production of 13 ReSounding Podcasts episodes gathering artists, activists and changemakers, from different countries around the world, on the power of arts in migration contexts as a tool for social change and social justice which have reached 806 individuals.

In 2023, art27-Musicians Without Borders has a twofold objective: to strengthen and consolidate, on the one hand, the many activities of dissemination and advocacy as well as the cultural/musical events already launched in 2022, and on the other hand, to inaugurate, through the mobilization of young artists to the use of art as a tool for social change, a model of artistic and social activism in order to sensitize society to take action to respect and protect the rights, needs, and hopes of all people with a migration background.