The project in summary

The project in detail

To help children and youths to develop their cognitive, motor, emotional, expressive and creative abilities, in a safe environment.

  • 62 children and youths (ages 3 to 18) from the lowest socioeconomic strata of the Municipality of Jamundí (Valle del Cauca);
  • 50 parents, participating to the Training Workshop;
  • 65 youths from the educational institutions of the Municipality of Jamundí, participating to the theatre and music sensitization workshops;
  • 100 people (young beneficiaries, their parents and social assistants) participated to the annual meeting at El Centro Cultural Claret.

Between January and June 2019, the project “Estrategias para la Formación Integral y la Estimulación de la Creatividad”, also supported by Alta Mane, foresaw music, art and movement workshops for 25 children ages 3-9 (Kinderarte, 4h per week); theatre, art and music classes for 15 children ages 9-15 (Taller Creactivos, 4h per week); several string instruments workshops intended to 7 youths, ages 12-18 (Taller Integral de Cuerdas), as well as an English course intended to 15 children and youths ages 9-18 (Speak English Program, 2h per week). Starting from an analysis of their corporeal, expressive, socio-emotional and sensorial potential, youths have been encouraged to express themselves through the arts in such a way as to explore and develop their abilities, creativity, leadership and respect for others. At the same time, Canto, Color y Fábula organized 3 music and theatre sensitization workshops (3 hours each) for the benefit of 65 youths from the educational institutions of the Municipality of Jamundí as well as one meeting (Jornada de Avance) gathering 100 people, including young beneficiaries, their parents and social assistants, and during which the youths took stock of the artistic and creative activities developed during the artistic workshops. 

Fondation Alta Mane supports Canto, Color y Fábula since 2014.