• To educate and raise awareness among approximately 250 adolescents and young adults through workshops aimed at creating 8 murals with a socio-educational message in 8 municipalities on the Atlantic Coast.
  • To support the young people in acquiring skills through mural work.
  • To raise awareness about human rights, violence against women, sex education, employment, drug addiction and alcoholism among other things.


Approximately 250 adolescents and young adults (13-30 years) of different indigenous ethnic origin in the participating municipalities.


In 2015 Eirene Suisse and the Centre for Human Rights, Citizens and the Autonomous (CEDEHA) supported intensive courses in mural painting conducted by young local artists along Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast. Through art, the participants were encouraged to consider and learn about human rights, violence against women, employment, drug addiction, alcoholism and sex education. These and other issues were also addressed at regional meetings of participants in the itinerant mural workshops. Further, the mural painting allowed the young people to reflect on multiculturalism: engaged in a joint project, they learned to overcome differences by valorising them and to exercise their role as citizens and promoters of social change.


Eirene Suisse

Eirene Suisse is a Swiss NGO that has been working in development cooperation for over 50 years. In 2010 it joined forces with the Groupe Volontaires Outre-Mer (GVOM). Its aim is to strengthen and valorise the social dynamics in developing countries for the promotion of peace and human rights.



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Other partners: Collettivo Murales RAAS, Movimiento para la unidad Regional del Arte Local y las Expresiones Socio Culturales de la Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur de Nicaragua; Centre for Human Rights, Citizens and the Autonomous (CEDEHA); Foundation for the Autonomy and Development of the Atlantic Coast (FADCANIC).


Fondation Alta Mane supported the project in 2014 and 2015.