The project in summary

Music workshops and music-therapy sessions for children and youths in conditions of extreme social and economic vulnerability, HIV positive and refugees in Kigali (Rwanda).

The project in detail

As a follow-up to the “Rwanda Umuziki Hub”, successfully developed since 2016 by Musicians without Borders in Rwanda, the Program “Rwanda Youth Music”, on a 12 month period (July 2018-June 2019), aims to use music and music-therapy as a tool for resilience to allow thousands of children and youths (HIV positive, orphans, at risk and in vulnerable condition) to break the cycle of violence, war and genocide they are victims of, since many years.
  • 391 HIV positive young people (7-26 ages), hospitalized at the clinic WE-ACTxfor Hope;
  • 1’111 vulnerable children and young people living on the street, or with HIV, or in extreme poverty or without adequate caregivers in Rwanda;
  • 24 new Rwandan Community Music Leaders (CMLs) and 25 new CML à Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC);
  • 41 Rwandan CMLs formerly trained by MwB.
Between July 2018 and June 2019, also with Alta Mane support, Musicians without Borders, through an approach using the power of music as a vector for inclusion, social justice and peace, ran a total of 948 music activities, outreach workshops and music-therapy sessions, locally managed by Rwandan CMLs, intended to 1’111 vulnerable children and young people and 391 HIV positive young people, hospitalized at the clinic WE-ACTxfor Hope to empower them as change-makers and cultural leaders at local level, and allow them to initiate a resilience and social inclusion process. At the same time, MwB activated a Community Music Leadership Training for 24 new Rwandan CMLs and 25 new CML from Goma (DRC) as well as ran an On-going Training for 41 current CMLs, formerly trained by MwB. This latter was designed to strengthen the local Capacity Building, spread the reach and the impact of the music activities (singing, song writing, rhythm, movement, listening) and music-therapy sessions in Rwanda, and accompany the program towards local autonomy and sustainability.

Advanced Workshop Leadership Training, at Ede (The Netherlands), February 2019, featuring an interview with Rwanda Youth Music Trainer Yves Kana: