The TEGV Foundation was established in 1995 to compensate for the shortcomings of the Turkish school system in providing a full education by using a special training module in 80 locations across the country. TEGV uses art education as a tool for empowering pupils, encouraging their creativity and promoting their communication skills. In particular, the project calls into question the traditional teaching of art and drawing, integrating it with the most recent developments in the sector. In this way the children are introduced to a variety of concepts and artistic practices and are encouraged to be creative and to love art. Through art children are spurred to communicate with each other, take responsibility for themselves, work in a group, solve problems and strengthen their self esteem.


Roughly 9’500 children (aged 6-12 years).


Fondation Alta Mane supported the TEGV art education project in 43 activity locations in 9 cities of Turkey. The children learnt avant-garde artistic techniques for 10 weeks, taking part in the following modules: The Color of Light and The Power of Dimension. TEGV gave particular importance to the training of voluntary teachers because the impact of the project on the children depends on them. At the end of each semester TEGV asked the children and volunteers to provide feedback on the project (content, implementation, satisfaction). The project also involved training for 516 volunteers.


Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV)

TEGV Foundation was established in 1995 to help compensate for the shortcomings of the Turkish school system in the belief that the country’s problems could be solved only by tackling education first. TEGV is recognised at all levels of the Turkish society for its neutrality and commitment to education, including in emergencies.

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