The project in summary

Implementation and scaling of two educational programs, arts-based, in Turkey.

The project in detail

The “Art Education Expansion Project” is part of a new strategic, methodological and educational plan designed by TEGV to ensure sustainability to both educational programs (The Dreams Wanderer and The Dreams Workshop) and to replicate them nationwide so as to make art education a key component of the Turkish School System and to develop innovative and interdisciplinary educational models.

Effective Beneficiaries in 2019-2021

  • 2’015 children (6-14 ages) participated to two art-education workshops delivered by the Firefly Mobile Unit in Van, Bayburt, Samsun and Elazig;
  • 2’363 children (6-14 ages) participated to the art workshops, part of The Dreams Workshop Program;
  • 2’195 children (6-14 ages) received the Art-Kits;
  • 28 teachers and 344 volunteers trained to implement The Dreams Workshop Program;
  • 55 volunteers trained to teach The Dreams Wanderer

In 2019-2020 TEGV, with Alta Mane support, organized 2 art-education workshops (The Dreams Wanderer) delivered by the Firefly Mobile Unit in different public, primary and secondary schools in Van, Bayburt, Samsun and Elazig (Eastern Anatolian Region, severely struck by an earthquake on January 24, 2020), reaching a total of 2’015 children (6-14 ages), and trained 55 volunteers. In parallel, it developed a new art-education module of The Dreams Workshop program, consequently implemented in 32 Education Fixed Units, reaching a total of 2’363 children (6-14 ages), and at the same time trained 344 volunteers and 28 teachers to teach and replicate the module.
Between May-August 2021, not to interrupt the artistic-pedagogical support during the summer, TEGV produced and distributed several Art-Kits reaching 2’195 children (6-14 ages), in situation of socio-economic vulnerability, and organized, on the virtual platform The Dreams Wanderer, the virtual exhibition “ART AT HOME WITH TEGV” where children have restituted 446 arts-works created at distance.
In 2022, TEGV foresees to continue implementing the existing two art-education programs by:  i. replicating The Dreams Wanderer Program in the slum and multiethnic district of Kadifekale (Izmir); ii. developing The Dreams Workshop Program in digital mode and consequently implementing it inside the 39 Education Fixed Units across the country.