The project in summary

Artistic murals workshops in favor of youths and young people in situation of social exclusion in Nicaragua and Switzerland.

The project in detail

  • To provide an art-based training to 1’280 youths and young people at risk of social exclusion living in the municipalities of Bluefields, Kuhkra Hill, Laguna de Perlas and Corn Island through artistic workshops aimed at creating murals with socio-educational message;
  • To establish “Mobile Schools of Plastic Art” in 4 municipalities of the Atlantic Cost of Nicaragua;
  • To support young people in acquiring self-esteem, coping with their emotions and pacific methods of conflict resolution;
  • To raise awareness about human rights, violence against women, sex education, employment, drug addiction and alcoholism among other things.
  • 1’280 youths and young people (aged 13-30 years) of different ethnic origins and in situation of social exclusion, living in the municipalities engaged in the project;
  • 80 cultural promoters trained by MURALES RACCS (Fundación Movimento para la Unidad Regional del Arte y las Expresiones socioculturales de la Región autónoma Costa Caribe Sud);
  • Young people participating to the art-based workshops organized in at least 4 locations in the French Part of Switzerland.
In 2017, Eirene Suisse established 4 “Mobile Schools of Plastic Art” in the municipalities of Bluefields, Kuhkra Hill, Laguna de Perlas and Corn Island, reaching a total number of 434 young people living in vulnerable social conditions. Through art, the participants were encouraged to consider and learn about human rights, violence against women, employment, drug addiction, alcoholism and sex education. These and other issues were also addressed at regional meeting in Bluefields where 43 participants in the mobile mural workshops realized 28 paintings to be exposed at an itinerant exhibition aimed at promoting young talents from the Caribbean Cost of Nicaragua. At the same time, MURALES RACCS trained 80 cultural promoters in able to employ art-based methodologies and published the « Prévention de la violence et de la consommation de drogues pour les jeunes à risque » to be used during the training courses. Additionally, thanks to the signature of 7 agreements with 2 municipalities of the Atlantic Cost of Nicaragua (Corn Island and Laguna de Perlas) and 5 local strategic partners, MURALES RACCS has been recognized as a pioneer organization in using art as a tool for social change. The year 2017 ended up with the great success of the North-South Exchange between MURALES RACCS and two Swiss organizations (CRA di Renens and Action Socioculturelle – Vallée du Trient) reaching 20 participants (children, youths, adults and social educators) who realized two murals with socio-educational message.
Eirene Suisse

Eirene Suisse is a Swiss NGO that has been working in development cooperation for over 50 years. In 2010 it joined forces with the Groupe Volontaires Outre-Mer (GVOM). Its aim is to strengthen and valorise the social dynamics in developing countries for the promotion of peace and human rights.

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Vidéo sur les ateliers de fresques murales à Vernayaz – échange Sud-Nord de Michael Hammond, 2017 :

Canal 9, Des jeunes réalisent une fresque murale à Vernayaz :

Fondation Alta Mane already supported Eirene Suisse in 2014-2015 for the realization of the project “Murals in 3 municipalities of the Atlantic Cost of Nicaragua”.