The project in summary

The promotion of social inclusion of young people with disabilities coming from the most disadvantaged areas of Cambodia through an art-education program held at the Epic Arts Centre in Kampot.

The project in detail

The project intends to promote the social inclusion of young people with disabilities living in the most disadvantaged areas of Cambodia (Kampot, Pursat, Phnom Penh and Battambang) through a two-year arts based education program in dance, theater, art, film, music and literacy held at Epic Arts Centre in Kampot, for the period of time September 2017-April 2019. At the end of the program, the students will get a diploma recognized by the Cambodian Ministry of Education and will be able to independently integrate the labor market. Artistic performances and video will improve their opportunities to:

  • Acquire new technical and artistic competences as well as new life skills (communication, leadership, team building, problem solving and creative thinking);
  • Develop confidence and reinforce the abilities needed to express and perform before the public;
  • Integrate into society, get out of their isolation and dismantle the many prejudices deeply related to people with disabilities.
  • 13 young people, aged 18-25 years, out of which 12 with disabilities.
Between September 2017 and August 2018, also with the support of Alta Mane, 13 young people aged 18-25 years, out of which 12 with disabilities, integrated The Inclusive Arts Course, a full time arts based education program, fully adapted to their needs and diverse abilities, fostering their creativity. At the end of the first year of the course (August 2018), the 13 youths led a performance tour (traditional and contemporary dance, educational drama and music) and performed in 6 schools of Kampot Province, reaching over 700 children. The aim of the tour was to develop the students’ confidence and artistic skills further and at the same time to sensitize many Cambodian children on disability.