The project Art2Heart aims to strengthen participants’ motor, cognitive, psycho-social and creative skills through art and relaxation, as well as to raise awareness within the community about the difficulties faced by disabled children and young people. Further, the project has given participants professional training and the opportunity to earn a living and disabled children the chance to return to school.


15 young people and 15 children aged 3 to 16 with physical, visual or hearing impairments, down syndrome, developmental delay or spina bifida.


Within the framework of Art2Heart, VSO and Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY) organised weekly training (two hours two days a week) in painting/visual arts, mosaic/collage, fabric design/batik, drama, music and dance, also using recycled materials, in favour of 15 young people and 15 children (aged 3-16) with physical, visual or hearing impairments, down syndrome, developmental delay or spina bifida living in the informal settlements of Kibera and Kawangware in Nairobi. The workshops addressed subjective and social aspects, combining art with participants’ personal experience. In 2014, the young participants put together a show on the theme of drug abuse among young disabled people and another on the rights of children with disabilities at the Full Gospel Church in Kariobangi South. The drama and dance performances enabled the young beneficiaries to involve and raise awareness within the community.



Founded as a small London-based non-profit association in 1958, VSO is now a federation and one of the biggest independent voluntary organisations in the world with members in the Netherlands, the Philippines, Kenya, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Its work revolves around four main areas of development linked to the priorities of its local partners and international development goals: health, participation and governance, poverty eradication and education.

Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY)

Kenyan NGO established by and for young disabled people to help them seek equal opportunities and social inclusion and legitimisation.

Other partners: (operating partners) Paolo’s Home; Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY); (for survey purposes): Little Rock; St. Kizito; Heshima; Nairobi Family Support service (children’s organisations); Kivuli Center; Nile road; Kenya Association of Intellectually Handicapped (KAIH); Power women Group (organisations working to support youth).


Fondation Alta Mane supported the project between 2013 and 2014.[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs]