The project in summary

The project in detail

Support to the artistic activities of the ASEM Centers in Beira, Mozambique.

300 public elementary and middle school children supported by ASEM.

The project consisted of providing artistic and cultural activities in two public schools in the poor neighborhoods of Manga and Makurungo, in Beira, Mozambique. Carrying out these activities in school represents an excellent educational opportunity for the children to value local culture, and keeps them safe from the dangers of the streets, as well as providing healthy activities for their free time.

The activities were conducted by eight young monitors/artists, many of whom are ex-beneficiaries of ASEM shelters who took part in traditional African dance courses supported by AMG.

The activities were provided daily during the course of 2012, alternating traditional dance classes with theater, percussion and drawing, for two hours each day in both schools.

Along with the courses the project sponsored small festivals and artistic exchanges between schools in the city and the province of Sofala (of which Beira is the capital).


This support organization was founded in Maputo in 1991 to help the children of Mozambique, a country devastated by years of war. ASEM Italia Onlus raises funds for shelters, community schools and training centers managed by ASEM in Mozambique.


Fondation Alta Mane supported ASEM from 2007 to 2011, and in partnership with Fondazione Alta Mane Italia in 2012. For further information please check this link.