To give disabled adolescents and young adults space to express themselves in order to overcome prejudice and foster interaction.


Young adults and adolescents with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities.


Starting from the basic principles of dance movement and the various forms of body awareness, the workshops encourage each participant to explore their creative possibilities through the senses and imagination. In other words, the work done goes beyond technique and aesthetics, privileging little by little the language of improvisation. Dansehabile integrates the athletic-artistic and pedagogical elements to offer “experimental integrated dance workshops”. Each session is an immersion in the universe of the choreographer, leading to the creation of a clearer dynamic between the pedagogical and artistic sectors of the school. For participants, the notions of choreographic construction, spatial structure, repetition and memorisation are as important as their corporeal and sensorial work. During the workshops the participants also work together to create a show, allowing each person to explore in depth the possibility of “being an artist”.



Dansehabile is an association founded in 2001 to promote inclusive dance. It organises weekly dance workshops, performances and three-month supplementary apprenticeships in singing, music therapy and writing at the Maison des Associations and in the studio of the Association pour la Danse contemporaine at the Maison des Arts du Grütli, in addition to end-of-term performances for relatives and the general public.


Fondation Alta Mane supported Dansehabile in 2014.[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs]