The project in summary

The project in detail

This project aims at promoting artistic expression – visual, body and plastic arts – among children and youths from marginalised communities in Granada, using art as a tool for social transformation.

Approximately 60 children and youths from underprivileged areas of Granada and 20 youths trained in social circus.

Escuela de Comedia y Mimo started organizing socio-artistic activities in 2001 in Granada for ten children and youths from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, providing training in theatre, mime, clowning, circus, dance and handicraft.

The project, supported by Fondation Alta Mane in partnership with Fondazione Alta Mane Italia, aims to transform Escuela de Comedia y Mimo headquarters in an artistic-social sustainable community space, where, every day, children and youths from marginal areas of Granada can participate in activities that help them develop skills and grow. The project organizes social circus training for 20 youths, involving international artists. These youths will become promoters and ensure the future sustainability of the school. In particular, these 20 youths keep the Casa de las Botellas open for 4 hours per day (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening) and organize circus, acrobatics, dance, theatre, handicrafts, reading, computer and English classes for the children and youths of the community.

Escuela de Comedia y Mimo

Founded in 2001, the association supports children and youths living in the outskirts of the city of Granada (Nicaragua), organizing artistic activities both at the cultural centre las Botellas, the association’s headquarters, and at neighbouring schools.

Between 2008 and 2015, Fondation Alta Mane accompanied Escuela de Comedia y Mimo development through its Swiss partner Equal Education Fund (EEF) (link). In 2010, it also supported the first edition of the Berrinche Ambiental Festival that gathered more than 300 street artists from various American countries. Since 2016, Fondation Alta Mane has been supporting Escuela de Comedia y Mimo directly, in partnership with Fondazione Alta Mane Italia. In particular, in 2016, it claimed circus workshops for about 250 students from two public primary schools located in the most underprivileged areas of Granada (link).