Since 2015, Clowns Sans Frontières (CSF) intervenes in refugee camps, along the border between Thailand and Burma, to produce and perform shows in collaboration with local artists. These performances deal with social or health issues in a lighthearted way in order to break taboos, raise youth awareness and help them identify and prevent risky behaviors. CsF also aims to raise awareness among local associations and NGOs, train local artists and encourage them to organize artistic activities for the children.


  • 5’534 Birman children located in refugee camps;
  • 10 Birman artists (estimated by the partner);
  • 14 french artists (one of whom is a photographer).


In 2017, Clowns Sans Frontières artists carried out a mission between January 2-26, 2017 in Thailand, in the districts of Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son and Mae Sot at the border with Burma, and another in Burma, in the States of Mon and Karen, between December 13-29 2017, in order to reinforce the skills of local artists on both sides of the border. The mission ended up with the production of two shows, respectively featured 23 and 12 times in the schools, medical centers and villages of the Karen Communities, reaching 5’534 Birman refugee children.


Clowns Sans Frontières France

This humanitarian and artistic association has been working worldwide for about twenty years with people facing war, poverty and immigration. CsF pulls together professional artists that volunteer to perform live in refugee camps, shelters for street children, prisons and orphanages.




Fondation Alta Mane also supported Clowns Sans Frontières in 2014 in Madagascar with the project “Tanora Tampon Manoloana NY VIH – Encourager l’évolution positive des comportements des jeunes face au VIH et SIDA”.[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs]