The project in summary

Artistic activities and online Healthcare Clowning interventions for minors on the move and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC), located inside the Transit and Reception Centers of Borici and Sedra (Bihać, Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia-Herzegovina).

The project in detail

The online activation of the Emergency Smile Missions Program proved fundamental during the various lockdowns in BiH in 2020-2021, imposed inside and outside the TRCs, to guarantee, although at distance, minors on the move a presence and an inclusive psychosocial support, based on their collective participation in playful and recreational activities aimed at improving their psycho-emotional and social wellbeing. The Two Online Emergency Smile Missions that RNI foresees to organize, in collaboration with Save the Children North West Balkans (StC NWB), between May 22nd and August 14th 2021 (5 weeks for each mission) aim to:

  • Give children the opportunity to process their traumas and express their feelings in a playful manner, to help them reconnect to positive feelings and regain reliance and hope;
  • Create safe and protected spaces within TRCs (Supportive Environment) where minors can regain their right to childhood, and with a smile, the joy of living, and the hope of a better future;
  • Transfer new strategies of Self and Collective Care, based on Humour, to the local Staff members of Stc NWB, to improve their psychosocial wellbeing, help them reduce the stress they experience in their everyday professional lives, interact and communicate in an empathic and synergistic way with the minors on the move located inside the TRCs.
  • Approximately 20 minors on the move (aged 6-14);
  • Approximately 10 UASC (aged 13-18);
  • 2 Children-Safe Space Staff Members.

Each of the Two Online Missions foresees, also with Alta Mane support, the following activities:

  • Pre-Mission Meeting (30 minutes): online mission preparatory meeting between the clowndoctors and the local StC NWB operators in charge of managing the Child-Friendly Spaces activities, during which the clowndoctors present the Healthcare Clowning activities to be organized during the mission, adapted to the age groups and specific needs (in emotional terms) of the participants;
  • 1 Online Mission (60-90 minutes) for minors on the move;
  • 1 Online Mission (60-90 minutes) for UASC;
  • Debriefing Session (30 minutes): final meeting between the clowndoctors to share the Lessons Learnt, evaluate the strengths/weakness of the interventions and, if necessary, modify the contents and the implementation modalities for the next mission.