The project in summary

Youth-led creative art projects at the Community Center Mikri Polis in Ioannina (Greece).

The project “Empowering Youth Refugees and Asylum-Seekers through Arts in Ioannina, Epirus”, will be developed at the Community Center Mikri Polis in Ioannina (Greece) and it aims to strengthen and consolidate the existing education and social integration programs through the new methodology “You Create”, so as to offer arts-based psychosocial support to children and youths on the move located at the Center, as well as to young Greek citizens at risk of social exclusion.

Specifically, this project aims to:

  • Support the social integration of vulnerable children and youths (migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers and local Greek citizens at risk of social exclusion); Strengthen their resilience and improve their psychosocial well-being;
  • Build bridges between communities through creative art projects applying the YOU CREATE methodology,
  • Develop the Capacity Building of the Staff of Terre des hommes Hellas for implementing and disseminating the new methodology in other centers, schools and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Ioannina.
  • 11 Adult Allies;
  • 20 Youth Leaders (14-24 ages);
  • 88 peer youth participants (14-24 ages) in youth-lead art projects.

Between July 2019 and March 2020, Fondation Terre des hommes, with Alta Mane support, organized 2 training sessions (4 days each) intended to 11 Adult Allies (8 professionals in child protection and 3 Tdh Staff) and 20 Youth Leaders (7 youths from the local community and 13 young migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers). Both trainings, facilitated by a local trainer and a trainer from Tdh Romania, aimed to develop the local Capacity Building on the implementation and dissemination of the new methodology “You Create”, as well as to support and train young people to develop youth-led creative art projects. In the same period, 88 young people developed 13 artistic activities in the run-up to 5 youth-led art projects developed by youths and presented before the local community during an Open Day (February 18, 2020) held in the Community Center Mikri Polis (Ioannina).

Alta Mane supports Fondation Terre des hommes since 2017.

The project in Ioannina is one of the FOCUS PROJECT AMG 2019.