The project in summary

The project in detail

Fondation Alta Mane supported the Grupo de Apoio Mutuo Pé no Chão in its effort to provide percussion and popular Afro-Brazilian dance classes to a group of children and youths from the slums of Recife (Brazil), as well as an advanced professional dance and percussion course for a smaller group.

Approximately 40 at-risk children and youths, participating in dance and percussion activities with trainers from Angola.

The project Cabeça no futuro (head in the future) provides professional training to approximately 120 youths from two slums of Recife (Arruda and Santo Amaro). The participants take part in high-level Afro dance and percussion workshops conducted by local teachers with the support of some former students as tutors. In 2015, Pé no Châo introduced an intensive course for about 40 youths led by african artists.

African dance and percussions are part of a culture that has long been discriminated in Brazil. Pé no Chão trainers have been working to recover and safeguard the cultural indentity of youths of Afro-Brazilian origin.

Through high-level training, the participants were able to expand their knowledge of this culture, achieve excellent artistic results and obtain marketable skills to find a job as teachers in various artistic disciplines, professional artists and trainers in local NGOs working with marginalized youths.

In addition, they created the Pé no Chão – Kilandukilu dance company and presented shows in the streets and squares of the city and at various Brazilian dance festivals, such as the International Dance Festival of Recife.

Grupo de Apoio Mutuo Pé no Chão

This group of street educators has been working since 1997 with approximately 120 children and young people in the slums of Recife, Brazil, organizing pedagogical and educational activities as well as artistic workshops on Afro-Brazilian and break dance, hip hop, rap and percussions, capoeira, theater, graffiti, video and photography, directly on the streets. Through these activities, Pé no Chão promotes the inclusion of socio-economically disadvantaged youths and active citizenship.

Fondation Alta Mane supported Pé no Chão from 2009 to 2011, and since 2012 in partnership with Fondazione Alta Mane Italia.