The project in summary

Music education and training activities for minors on the move and their Greek peers.

The project in detail

To create occasions of integration and inclusion through the practice of collective ensemble music. More specifically, this project aims to:

  • Heal the sufferings of the children who have been forced to flee from their homes and their countries giving them access to art and beauty;
  • Help migrant and refugee children to become valuable resources for their host communities and make them act as positive members of an open, multicultural and welcoming society;
  • Empower and give them the chance to acquire new artistic and educational tools and Life Skills, develop their talents and strive for a better future.

Effective Beneficiaries (January 2021-December 2022)

  • 279 students (5-26 ages), have benefited from music lessons in the Kipseli núcleo;
  • 142 students (5-22 ages), have benefited from music lessons in the Korinthos Conservatory;
  • 25 students (12-20 ages) have participated to the Young Leaders Programme;
  • 606 students (5-28 ages) performed 24 live concerts;
  • 3’370 people attended the live concerts.

In 2021, El Sistema Greece (ESG), with the support of Alta Mane, continued to develop various educational and musical activities in a dual mode, in presence and at distance, in compliance with the restrictions and sanitary measures adopted by the Greek government to contain and avoid the spread of COVID-19 in the country. During the two 2021 semesters, ESG offered a total of 272,5 hours of music lessons (string and wind instruments, percussions, choir, and music theory) organized in the Kipseli núcleo (Athens) and in the Korinthos Conservatory, reaching 190 minors (5-18 ages), of which 71 migrant children, and 51 students (5-22 ages), of which 23 on the move (5-20 ages) and 4 UASC (9-13 ages) with different cultural backgrounds.
In the same year, has consolidated the Young Leaders Programme (YLP), reaching 11 students (13-20 ages) with different music backgrounds and nationalities (Greece, Egypt, Romania and Albania). Since June 2021, thanks to a more relaxed sanitary situation, has organized 9 events during which 223 students (5-28 ages) performed live.
In 2022, ESG has focused its intervention, in priority, in the Kipseli núcleo and in the Korinthos Conservatory offering a total of 321 hours of music lessons (string and wind instruments, music theory), reaching 180 students (5-26 ages), of which 71 on the move and 46 UASC. In parallel, has consolidated the activities of the ESGYO, the ESGYC and the Young Leaders Programme, reaching a total of 74 students and musicians (10-29 ages).
During the same period, 383 students and musicians (9-28 ages) performed live in 15 events organized nationally and internationally (significant their participation to the project Orchestre Demos Europe), testifying how ESG has become, over the years, a point of reference in the field of music education and social inclusion.