The project in summary

Develop and implement a holistic program for the protection and promotion of the rights of children on the move, located in the collective Federal and Cantonal Asylum Shelters in Switzerland.

The project in detail

Strengthening the resilience and coping mechanism of refugee and migrant minors, and promoting their emotional, cognitive, motor development and their social inclusion.

Beneficiaries throughout the project (2020-2022)

  • 4 core staff (10-20 additional staff) per year of 3/4 Federal and Cantonal shelters through In-depth Technical Support and Training;
  • 2-5 core staff per year of 6/10 Federal and Cantonal Asylum Shelters through Creative Activity Support and Training;
  • Approximately 300 Child asylum-seekers and refugees per year, in Federal Asylum Shelters; and approximately 30 Child asylum-seekers and refugees per year, in Cantonal Asylum Shelters.

In 2020-2022, Save the Children Schweiz also with Alta Mane support, foresees the following main activities:

  • To coach the Shelter Staff to autonomously run Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS), to develop and implement arts-based pedagogical activities that are tailored to the needs of the minors in asylum shelters by means of the Creative Tool Kit and Activity Box; as well as to train focal persons to oversee the CFS and ensure that quality childcare and protection standards are upheld;
  • To replicate and scale the Creative Tool Kit and Activity Box and make it available to Federal and Cantonal asylum shelters and other organizations in the field of childcare;
  • To strengthen the advocacy, enhance networking and share best practices in the field of child protection and child rights in the asylum and migration sector.

Between January 2020 and June 2021, ran 2 trainings as launch of the “in-depth technical support” to set and manage the CFS in 3 Federal Asylum Shelters (Boudry, Fribourg and Basel) and 3 Cantonal Asylum Shelters (Tramelan, Ober Halden and Adliswil), for 8 Shelter Directors and 28 Staff Members, as well as 2 Creative Support Trainings to 2 Federal Asylum Shelters (Chiasso and Pasture) and 2 Cantonal Asylum Shelters (Degenbalm and Brütisellen), for 4 Shelter Directors and 28 Staff Members, also reaching 16 staff of AOZ, a Zurich shelter organization. In June 2021, participated to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child as expert organization on the promotion and protection of right issues concerning minors on the move, and submitting the ONG Report and the Child and Youth Participatory Report, both elaborated in collaboration with the Swiss Children’s Rights Network. During the several COVID-19 lockdowns (2020-2021), in order to continue to give psychosocial support to migrant and refugee children, amidst the global pandemic, developed 7 Emergency Learn and Play Kits and 8 Games with Paper and Pen Guidelines which were sent to 90 structures, of which 50 shelters for migrants and asylum seekers, in 19 Cantons, thus reaching more than 1’400 children (3-17 ages), as well as an Emergency Quarantine Box, reaching approximately 1’000 children (3-17 ages) in 31 Shelters in 11 Cantons (German, French and Italian speaking part of Switzerland).