The project in summary

Visual, plastic arts and dance workshops for children and young adults living in conditions of extreme social and economic vulnerability from El Cerrito (Valle del Cauca, Colombia).

The project in detail

Pensarme, la fundación uses an alternative learning method, including art and sports, to fight early school leaving and contribute to the integrated development of children and young people, some of them bearing mild cognitive disabilities, all belonging to disadvantaged families in El Cerrito (Valle del Cauca, Colombia). Pensarme helps children express ideas and emotions, relate with peers, satisfy their creativity, focus, resolve conflicts peacefully and boost their self-confidence, also by producing plays and dance shows and performing in front of the community.
  • 80 children, teens and young adults (ages 6-25), living in social and economic vulnerability, and at risk, some of whom with mild cognitive disabilities;
  • 3 teachers of visual and plastic arts, and dance.
Between January and June 2018, Pensarme, la fundación organized 24 visual and plastic arts and dance workshops, reaching a total of 80 children, teens and young adults, aged 6-25, living in the Barrio Cincuentenario, of El Cerrito (Valle del Cauca). The artistic workshops, thematically designed around the four seasons and managed by 3 teachers of visual and plastic arts and dance, introduced an innovative pedagogic and integrated approach based on prevention and pacific conflict resolution techniques, at personal and social levels. This approach allowed young participants to express their emotions and their personal living as well as to acquire new artistic abilities (creative reading and writing) and life skills (self-esteem, self-relationship, and the relationships with the others, their families and the world they live in).  

Alta Mane supports Pensarme, la fundación visual and plastic arts workshops since 2014. In 2017, Pensarme involved in its artistic workshops 95 children and young people, ages 3-22, living under precarious economic situation, 40% of whom with mild cognitive disabilities. In 2016, the organization offered plastic arts workshops (600 hours), as well as dance, martial arts and soccer activities, reaching approximately 70 children and youths between the ages of 5 and 21, offering, at the same time, school and family support. In 2014, Alta Mane supported Pensarme art workshops, also allowing 70 young participants to join the National Biennial of Art and Visual Expressions for people with disabilities, held in Medellín.