The project in summary

Collective production of a play performed in various theatres in Hamburg (Germany) by artists with and without disabilities.

The project in detail

In 2016, artists with and without disabilities, from the Association Giullari di Gulliver from Ticino and the Russian theatre company Perspectivy, were hosted for three weeks in Hamburg by the German company BHH Sozialkontor. The first twelve days were dedicated to the collective production of a play that was then performed in various theatres in the city.
4 actors with disabilities, 2 directors and 1 translator from the Association Giullari di Gulliver.
Between June and July 2016, the Association Giullari di Gulliver produced a play with the Russian theatre company Perspectivy and the German company BHH Sozialkontor. In preparation for the show, the participants engaged in games and theatre exercises, improvisation, individual or collective research on the show, and in particular, on the texts, the music, the costumes and the props. The exchanges between these three theatre companies (called Theatre without Borders) were supported in 2016 and 2011 by Fondation Alta Mane, and from 2012 and 2015 in partnership with Fondazione Alta Mane Italia.
Giullari di Gulliver

The Association Giullari di Gulliver was founded in 1992 as a traveling theatre company that performed in various summer camps across the Ticino Canton. Since then, the association has enriched its offer, ranging from summer camps for children and teenagers to theatre groups. Giullari di Gulliver aims to promote and support creative and expressive activities in collaboration with schools, institutes, associations and civil society organizations, engaging all age groups.


The no profit association Perspektivy was founded in St. Petersburg in 1995 as a partner of the German organization Perspektiven. In a department of the Peterhof hospital, in St. Petersburg, the Russian association offers to a hundred young patients, with physical and / or mental disabilities, activities to help them live a normal life. These include a theatre workshop, which collaborates with the project “Theatre without Borders”.

BHH Sozialkontor

BHH offers residential, nursing and therapeutic services as well as leisure activities and training to more than 800 people with physical or mental disabilities in the Hamburg area.