The project in summary

Promoting inclusive Arts through dance, theatre, plastic arts and cinema in Geneva.  

The project in detail

Out of the Box – Inclusive Arts Biennial aims at rethinking the relationship between art and disability, overcoming cultural limitations and showing that disability can give added value to contemporary art. Its both local and international program offers a new aesthetic perspective to the Geneva’s cultural landscape, while raising awareness about disability.
The 2017 edition of the Festival, supported by Fondation Alta Mane, featured a play by Pippo Delbono (Orchidées), dance shows by the company Artumana (Ailes and Shivers) from Geneva and two other companies belonging to the IntegrART network, movies and shorts on art and disability within the project Regards Neufs of the association Base-Court, exhibitions by artists with mental disabilities associated with Mir’arts and espace34 and a conference.

The 2015 edition (June 1-7), also supported by Alta Mane, displayed works, plays, exhibitions and workshops by young artists, with and without disabilities, from Geneva (Dansehabile), France (Oiseau-Mouche), the United Kingdom (Stopgap) and Mozambique (Panaibra Gabriel Canda), encompassing various disciplines: dance, cinema, theatre and plastic arts. The translation into sign language, the sound captions and subtitles succeeded in making the event more inclusive and in bringing culture to a wider public.

Out of the Box

The Out of the Box Biennial is managed by the Out of the Box Association, headquartered in Geneva. Its committee includes representatives of the following organizations: the association Artumana, ASA-Handicap mental, Cap Loisirs foundation and ZigZart association. The objective of the association is to support the Biennial, an event that promotes inclusive arts through dance, theatre, plastic arts and cinema.