The project in summary

The Fourth Edition of the Inclusive Arts Biennial aims at rethinking the relationship between art and disability.

The project in detail

Unique in the French-speaking Switzerland, the Inclusive Arts Biennial Out of the Box aims at rethinking the relationship between art and disability, overcoming cultural limitations and showing that disability can give added value to contemporary art. Its both local and international program, by offering a new aesthetic perspective to the Geneva’s cultural landscape, casts a new light on disability, develops its social representations and allows everyone full access to culture, while respecting and promoting diversity.

  • 48 artists, 19 with and 29 without disabilities, coming from Switzerland, Portugal, Reunion Island and France;
  • 1’400 people in the audience participating in the different events of the Biennial.

The Fourth Edition of the Biennial, which took place in Geneva, on May 20-26, 2019, has been organized by the Association Out of the Box in collaboration with 5 excellent partners to the Geneva cultural scene – La Comédie, Grütli, Galleria Andata Ritorno, Villa Dutoit and Fondation Bodmer. The 2019 Program  foresaw 4 inclusive dance performances (out of which 2 featured in partnership with the IntegrART network, and one adapted to sign language), 2 plastic art exhibitions (which, through different aesthetics and visual pathways, have placed the people with disabilities in the heart of the city) and 1 conference on the creative and cathartic urgency of the Art Brut.