The project in summary

Orme Festival aims to include artists with disabilities and integrated companies into the Swiss cultural circuit.

The project in detail

The Danzabile Theatre company promotes the encounter and the integration of disabled and non-disabled people through scenic research work that blend the languages of theatre and dance, allowing participants to develop their individual expressive and creative potential.
Alta Mane supported the 2015 and 2017 editions of the Orme Festival, which includes artists with disabilities and integrated companies into the Swiss cultural circuit while raising awareness among the public. Held between 1-4 June 2017, the 2017 edition was successfully received by the audience and the critics, and should be considered as an important step forward the recognition of integrated culture and disabled artists. In particular, the Festival hosted the Swiss professional theatre conservatory Accademia Teatro Dimitri, the Italian company Accademia Arte della Diversità – Teatro La Ribalta, the South-African integrated company Unmute Dance Company and the Austrian philosopher-dancer and choreographer Michael Turinsky. The Festival ended up as a crossroads of different idioms, countries, bodies and artistic languages, giving the floor to the richness of artistic diversity.

Teatro Danzabile launched the festival for the first time in 2012 in collaboration with the Ticinese Federation for the Integration of People with Disabilities (FTIA). It was the first festival to address art and disability in the Ticino Canton. Since 2015, the Festival is part of the Swiss network IntegrART, dedicated to the integration of art and disability.

  • Associations and organizations participating in the 2017 Orme Festival in Lugano;
  • Audience: 507 participants (youths and adults).

Teatro Danzabile aims at integrating people with and without disabilities, helping them express their creative potential. The company also raises awareness among the audience by producing and performing high-quality shows, mixing theatrical and dance languages as a result of rigorous scenic research. The resulting play gives visibility and promotes to the integration process.


Since 2012, Fondation Alta Mane has supported the production and staging of the following plays by Danzabile:

  • Granelli di Tempo” (Grains of Time) (2012-2013): the play featured seven dancers and actors, with and without physical, mental or sensory disabilities, chosen among the youths and adults participating in Danzabile association’s theatre and dance courses to be part of its company.
  • Cosa ti manca per essere felice?” (What else do you need to be happy?) (2014): this highly autobiographical play was produced by the painter, ballerina and choreographer Simona Atzori, reflecting on diversity, acceptance and the desire to realize one’s dreams despite the challenges.
  • Un’Opera da tre soldi” (A Three-penny Opera) (2014-2015).