The project in summary

“Integrated” dance-theater shows, involving artists with and without disabilities in Geneva.

The project in detail

Artumana presented two plays, Ailes and Shivers, at the Out of the Box Festival, the Biennial of Inclusive Arts, held in Geneva on June 6-11, 2017. The plays helped raise awareness on disability by addressing the following issues: the relationship with others and oneself, solidarity, trust, cooperation, interdependence, respect for the body, with its qualities and its limitations, and the transformative power of the relationship, in all its forms, as a result of self-discovery and the discovery of others.
In 2017, with the support of various donors, including Fondation Alta Mane, two plays accompanied by live music has been produced and performed at Théâtre Galpon in Geneva during the Festival Out of the Box on 7-8 June 2017.

The play Ailes, created by choreographer-dancer Olivia Ortega, former collaborator of Dansehabile, featured 6 artists of different nationalities and included a tetraplegic ballerina, a violinist and an electro-acoustic musician.

The play Shivers was performed as a “choreographed concert”, alternating structured and improvised moments. It has been created by the choreographer and dancer Uma Arnese, Artistic Director of the Festival Out of the Box, Founder of Danz’Abile (partner of Alta Mane) and former Artistic Director of Dansehabile (former partner of Alta Mane), and has been interpreted by 5 dancers of different nationality, including a visually-impaired person, a tetraplegic trumpeter and other jazz musicians.

Association Artumana

The Artumana association was founded in Geneva in 2016 to create, via external collaborations, “integrated” dance-theatre shows, involving artists with and without disabilities. In addition, the association organizes integrated dance classes and workshops for young people and animators.