To exchange experience between operators of ASEM Mozambique, Grupo de Apoio Mutuo Pé no Chão in Recife and Projeto Axé in Salvador de Bahia. This project helped raise awareness in the two Brazilian organisations and further understanding of the artistic and socio-cultural elements linked to their shared African roots.


Educators of ASEM Mozambique, Projeto Axé and Pé no Chão.


In 2010 and 2011 Fondation Alta Mane promoted, coordinated and supported the first and second phases of the exchange programme involving ASEM (Mozambique) and the Brazilian projects Pé No Chão (Recife) and Projeto Axé (Salvador de Bahia). Phase one involved a visit by 6 members of Pé No Chão (2 educators and 4 young beneficiaries) to ASEM headquarters in Beira and Vilanculos. Phase two involved a visit of a fortnight by representatives of ASEM to Projeto Axè in Salvador de Bahia and Pé No Chão in Recife. During these encounters participants were able to compare methodologies for the social rehabilitation of street children and exchange artistic experience.


Associazione a Favore dell’Infanzia Mozambicana (ASEM)

ASEM, the Association for the Children of Mozambique, is a solidarity organisation founded in Maputo in 1991 to assist the children of Mozambique, a country devastated by years of war. ASEM Italia Onlus raises funds for the reception centres, community schools and training centres run by ASEM in Mozambique.

Grupo de Apoio Mutuo Pé no Châo

Group of street educators that has been working with approximately 120 children and young people in the suburbs of Recife, Brazil, since 1997. It offers pedagogical-educational activities and artistic workshops in dance (Afro-Brazilian, breakdance), music (hip-hop, rap, percussion), capoeira, drama, graffiti art, video and photography, which are conducted directly on the streets. Through these activities Pè no Chão promotes the inclusion of young people living in conditions of socio-economic hardship and their active citizenship.

Projeto Axè

Projeto Axè (Centro de Defensa e Protecao à Crianca e ao Adolescente) (Salvador, Brazil) is a Brazilian association engaged since 1990 in the rehabilitation and social reintegration of street children and adolescents in Salvador through a course of education based on the Pedagogy of desire and the ArtEducation methodology (dance, music, plastic arts and fashion design).


From 2006 to 2010 Alta Mane supported Projeto Axé in the following activities: production of the BandAxé CD (2006), 2 training courses, 1 in-depth learning course, the band GECA (2007), 1 percussion course (2008), the Matriz das Artes courses (2008-2009), Tournée GECA at Rome International Film Festival (2008), the Axé Study Tour at Umbria Jazz (2010) and the development plan of Axé Italia Onlus (2009-2015).[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs]