The project in summary

Artistic workshops in favor of children and youths from at-risk communities in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The project in detail

Increasing the resilience of vulnerable children and youth in Guatemala City, enhancing their self -esteem and civic participation, and reinforcing their creative, expressive and artistic potential.
81 children and youths from marginalized, at risk communities in Guatemala City or living in orphanages; about 300 people whose awareness has been increased through public events.
Caja Lúdica fosters processes of sensitization and artistic training for children and youths who are at risk, excluded and stigmatized, with few possibilities to participate in society – a situation that contributes to the climate of violence and intolerance in Guatemala. It works in the “red” zones of Guatemala, places where there are more than five serious crimes (such as murder, assault, rape, kidnapping) a month.

In 2017, Alta Mane supported the offering of artistic workshops (theatre, dance, music, body awareness and identity, puppetry, painting, creative writing and public play) in a youth centre located in a marginalized area of the city. Participants, 81 children and youths at social risk, also designed and created table games that develop logic and creativity. These workshops complemented formal education by stimulating critical, proactive and participatory thinking in children and youths, providing them with models that can be replicated in other communities. These same artistic workshops have been also provided to children from orphanages to demonstrate the importance of providing play and artistic space as a strategy in psycho-physical growth.

Caja Lúdica

This organization was established in 2000 in the City of Guatemala and bases its work on arts, play and cultural expression to transform the conditions that perpetuate the exclusion of young people, improving their abilities and promoting their creative, critical and active participation in the cultural development of their communities.

In 2016, Alta Mane supported an artistic production that used new technology (lights, sound, video) and involved almost 20 artists of Caja Lúdica and other partner organizations from marginal urban areas. The participation of these organizations aims to reinforce their role as active civic actors in their communities, their training level and resilience.