The project in summary

Social circus laboratory at Ecunhi, artistic and cultural space inside ESMA, the largest illegal detention center in Argentina during the last dictatorship.


Transforming a place used for torture and death into a space where art and life for young people are supported; Promote the social inclusion of children living in the communities of Independencia and Loyola (Buenos Aires) and adjoining neighborhoods.



41 vulnerable children between the ages of 6 and 15 living in the communities of Independencia and Loyola (Buenos Aires).



Ecunhi is an artistic-cultural centre founded by the Plaza de Mayo Mothers in the ex-ESMA (Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos), which, during the last dictatorship, was the biggest clandestine detention centre in Argentina.

Ecunhi has transformed a place of torture and murder into one that promotes art and life – a cultural centre where performances and artistic workshops are held for children and adults.

The Carpa Abierta social circus is held here and directly in the marginalized communities. It is a place of inclusive artistic expression that favours the development of physical, artistic and social skills, promoting group identity, respect and discipline by enhancing self-esteem and the acceptance of self, others and difference.

The project uses the circus to enable vulnerable children to experience the transformative power of being part of a group, creating a performance and garnering applause – all of which enable them to consider themselves part of a different social situation and envision a new future.

In 2019, the project foresaw the continuation of the two weekly workshops in the circus arts in two marginalized communities in the province of Buenos Aires (Independencia and Loyola)  and the performance of the show, created in 2018 with the direction of Cesar Brie, renowned international director, in the main theaters of Buenos Aires and in Mar del Plata.