The project in summary

Music therapy sessions and activities in favor of disadvantaged and/or HIV positive children and youths in Kigali, Rwanda.

The project in detail

  • Employ Community Music Leaders (CML) that organized music activities for disadvantaged children and youth and offered music-therapy to raise the morale of those who are living with HIV, helping them integrate into society, reducing the stigma associated with AIDS and raising awareness.
  • Strengthen the skills of the assistant trainers to the CML course.
In 2016, the Rwanda Umuziki Hub project involved, with Alta Mane support:

  • 20 CMLs in training, 6 CMLs, 1 Rwandan musician and 4 assistant trainers.
  • 478 children and youth, between the ages of 5 and 26, either disadvantaged or living with HIV, participating in music activities, music-therapy and therapeutic music groups.
  • 1 project manager.
In Rwanda, over the course of 2016, Musicians without Borders (MwB) trained, with Alta Mane support, 20 CMLs and sent 4 assistant trainers to train the staff of the main public hospital in Kigali (CHuK) and of local NGOs. In addition, MwB employed 3 CMLs and 1 Rwandan musician to train new CMLs in Uganda. 1 CML assisted newly graduated CMLs in searching for a job where their training and experience would have served disadvantaged children. MwB invited 2 CML from Rwanda to a course for trainers held in the Netherlands. The participants also organized workshops for children in Luxembourg. MwB continued to offer regular music-therapy activities in favour of 478 children and youth in disadvantaged conditions or living with AIDS and completed an impact assessment of the project and its partners.
Musicians without Borders

Founded in 1999, MwB works worldwide using music as a tool to improve living conditions and reconcile populations torn apart by war. MwB collaborates with musicians belonging to civil society organization to respond to local needs. Successful cases are used to standardize and promote models, methodologies and training courses adapted to the needs of other regions. MwB introduced for the first time in Rwanda the music therapy program in 2010 and in 2012 the Community Music Leaders training program.


Fondation Alta Mane supports Musicians without Borders activities in Rwanda since 2013. From 2015 to 2016, Alta Mane support focused on the “Community Music Leadership Training” sessions in Mahama refugee camp (further information). In 2016, Alta Mane supported the music therapy program at WE-ACTx for Hope clinic in Kigali (further information). Fondation Alta Mane will continue to support the Rwanda Umuziki Hub project in 2017-2018 (further information).