The project in summary

Technical and managerial training in favor of cultural and art organizations operators in Haiti.

The project in detail

COOPI decided to bet on Haiti art and culture to contribute to the social and economic development of a country that was rendered even more fragile after the passage of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.

The project offered managers of cultural and art organizations a technical and managerial training at the State University of Haiti to help them:

  • Acquire skills that could improve the profitability of their artistic and cultural project;
  • Create a professional network with experts, institutions, professionals and academics not only in Haiti, but also in Europe;
  • Bring out a new generation of cultural workers.
Direct beneficiaries

15 students enrolled in the course, with at least 2 years of experience in managing cultural organizations or working as craftsmen and artists in Haiti. Some of the participants have limited resources and live far from the capital.

Indirect beneficiaries

Organizations and cultural institutions located in 4 Haitian departments, working in the field of music, painting, dance, crafts, paper mache, sculpture and wrought iron. These agencies and organizations hosted the trainees for a curricular internship.


The second session of the course, supported by Alta Mane, was held between November 2016 and August 2017. New skills were transmitted through theoretical courses and practical work, favouring a participatory teaching method. In addition, students had the chance to have a final curricular internship of over a month at a cultural institution or at an artist’s workshop, and obtained a certificate recognized at national level.

Finally, one of the students who has already passed the course during the first session (January-November 2016) had the chance to go on tour in Europe during the Haitian Cultural Week (April 2017) to put into practice the concepts and techniques learnt in class and develop contacts, while promoting the Haitian culture abroad.

The University of Haiti intends to continue to offer the course even after the expiration of the co-funding from the European Agenda for Culture.

The project already had a positive ripple effect: the cultural organizations, hosting interns during the first session of the course, were invited by various mayors to participate in talks aimed at including culture into local development plans.

Association COOPI Suisse

COOPI Suisse is a humanitarian, laic and independent association, founded in Lugano in 2012 to contribute to the harmonious and integrated development of disadvantaged communities where COOPI Italy operates. COOPI Suisse conducts awareness and fundraising campaigns. Since 2015 it is part of the Federation of the Swiss Italian NGOs (FOSIT).

COOPI (Italy) was founded in 1965 to assist the populations affected by disasters and conflicts and contribute to the development of local communities. COOPI is present in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake when it intervened against the cholera epidemic bringing humanitarian aid. Since then, COOPI has organized programs for risk reduction, to disseminate new technologies and to promote environmental sustainability.