The project in summary

Acting, singing and vocal training in favor of children from disadvantaged areas of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and presentation of the play to the public.

The project in detail

By participating in the choir of the opera Turandot, children from disadvantaged areas of Buenos Aires and its province had the opportunity to:

  • Receive quality training in singing and acting;
  • Become acquainted with an elite form of art;
  • Take the stage in front of a large audience along with professional artists;
  • Reinforce their self-esteem, self-discipline and capacity to work in a group;
  • Lay the foundation for a possible career in the opera.
16 children and adolescents, ages 6 to 16, living in vulnerable neighborhoods of Buenos Aires (e.g. Congreso, Chacarita, Villa Crespo, Almagro) and its province.
For the first time in 2017, Juventus Lyrica presented Puccini’s opera Turandot at the Theatre Avenida in Buenos Aires. Between June and August 2017, the children of the choir and the young singers, who were selected in December 2016, received acting, singing and vocal training. Choir practice was held twice a week for three months. The general rehearsal took place at the Theatre Avenida on the 21st August 2017. Finally, the play was presented to the public on September 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, 2017.
Juventus Lyrica

Juventus Lyrica is a non-profit opera company founded in Buenos Aires in 1999 to assist talented young opera singers in their professional development, to “democratize” the genre making it more accessible and to offer the city and the country a centre for training, developing and enjoying the opera.

In 2016, Alta Mane supported the children’s choir of the opera Carmen, produced by Juventus Lyrica. Kindly visit this page for further information.