The project in summary


The project in detail

In 2017, the project supported by Fondation Alta Mane, has transferred the HEART methodology to 36 teachers and school headmasters from 12 schools in three municipalities in the South-West of Haiti. The training gave them the tools and knowledge to provide psychosocial support through the arts to 2’307 children affected by Hurricane Matthew. Certified international trainers trained 5 operators of the Haitian NGO PRODEV and 2 officers of the Ministry of Public Education to support and supervise the implementation of the HEART method after the end of the project.

Direct beneficiaries

  • 61 participants in the HEART training course, of which:

-36 teachers and school headmasters;

-5 PRODEV operators;

-2 officers of the Ministry of Public Education;

18 members of Save the Children local staff.

  • 2’307 children, ages 10 to 13.

Human resources

  • 2 international certified HEART trainers.


  • 12 schools 4 of which in Torbeck, 2 in Camp Perrin and 6 in Beaumont. Save the Children has already involved these schools in the Parc Macaya Quality Education Initiative (PMQEI).

Save the Children Switzerland spread the use of the HEART methodology in 12 schools in Haiti by offering a 4-day introductory course and a strengthening session with Alta Mane support. Each of the 61 participants received a HEART implementation manual translated in French and Creole. From January to June 2017, the trained teachers introduced the HEART methodology in class, providing artistic activities (drawing, painting, sculpture and music) to 2’307 kids, ages 10-13. In order to ensure the good implementation of the HEART methodology, Save the Children Switzerland has conducted 48 monitoring visits, 18 focus groups and 4 awareness sessions intended for parents. Most of the teachers daily introduced the HEART methodology in class, improving the psychosocial wellbeing of children. On the basis of the positive results obtained, the Ministry of Public Education highly recommends the perpetuation of the program HEART in the schools already participating to the project and its extension to other educational institutions.