The project in summary

Conduct workshops of art-education in Çorlu (Tekirdağ Province) and Van (Eastern Anatolia Region) for children in conditions of extreme economic and social vulnerability.

The project in detail

To use art-education as a tool for empowering pupils, encouraging their creativity and promoting their communication and critical thinking.

  • 1’075 children (446 in Çorlu, aged 10-14, and 629 in Van, aged 6-14);
  • 26 qualified volunteers (8 in Çorlu and 18 in Van) trained by TEGV’s Staff;
  • 30 volunteers contributed to organize and support the Art Exhibition (Çorlu) and the Art Festival (Van);
  • 450 people (children who participated to the artistic workshops, families, community and local administrators from Çorlu and Van) taking part to the Art Exhibition and the Art Festival.

In 2018, one of TEGV Firefly mobile (The Dreams Wanderer) has offered, with Alta Mane support, art sessions to 1’075 children between the ages of 6 and 14, of which a significant number of children of migrant workers, enrolled in two middle schools in Çorlu (Tekirdağ Province, on the border between Bulgaria and Greece) and three schools, one primary and two secondary schools, in Van (Eastern Anatolia Region), organizing 12 45-minute art sessions for 619 children, ages 6 to 14. During the 12 45-minutes sessions children were able to experiment, in small groups, various artistic techniques (acrylic, mosaic, monoprinting, sculpture and portraits) and analyse the works of artists from different cultures, historical periods and styles. At the same time, TEGV’s Staff trained 26 qualified volunteers and a total number of 30 volunteers (10 in Çorlu and 20 in Van) helped in the organization and support of the Art Exhibition in Çorlu and the Art Festival in Van. During both events, children’s artworks were displayed, and 450 people were reached (children who participated to the artistic workshops, families, community and the local administrators from Çorlu and Van). Additionally, TEGV’s Staff focused on developing an online platform for The Dreams Wanderer project in order to enhance the impact of the project and increase its visibility. The platform was designed as a virtual exhibition allowing the visitors to step in the Firefly and appreciate the children’s artworks in 3D produced during the artistic workshops.

Alta Mane supports the Firefly Mobile Unit since 2016. In 2016, the Firefly was located in 6 public schools in the city of Adana and Mersİn, southern part of the country, delivering art sessions to 1’532 children, ages 6 to 14, and the training of 11 qualified volunteers. In 2017, the Firefly was positioned in two middle schools of Artvin-Arhavi (Black Sea Region) and one middle school in Çorlu (Thrace Region) delivering art sessions to 1’435 children, ages 6 to 14, and training 14 volunteers. In 2015, Fondation Alta Mane also supported TEGV 10-week art workshops (The Dreams Workshop) for 9’442 children in 43 centres in 9 cities of Turkey, involving 516 trained volunteers. For further information, please click the following link.